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Renold A&S roller chain has long been recognised for its high quality, affordability, reliability and performance. It has earned a strong reputation for its excellent wear resistance, high fatigue resistance and durability and these factors have helped Renold A&S become the most widely used chain brand in Europe. 


    Transmission Chain & Conveyor Chain

    If you are looking for a good quality product from a reliable supplier for "standard duty"
    chain applications, look to Renold SD, the new benchmark in the economy chain category.

    Renold is recognized as the worldwide leader in chain products and has established
    manufacturing facilities across the globe. While most suppliers buy-in their
    economy line of chain, Renold manufactures its own.
    - The Renold SD range offers:
    - Range of sizes from 6.35mm to 2.5 inch pitch
    - An extensive product line of European (BS), ANSI and DIN standard chains
    - Competitive prices and delivery
    - Consistent quality
    - Depth of inventory